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All Colour me beautiful products can be ordered through myself​ or through the colour me beautiful website.


Colour me Slimmer

This book is full of invaluable advice on clever dressing and will show you how to make the most of the good bits, and how to work with the problem areas to create the perfect wardrobe for a slimmer look. In this book you will:

  • Find out which colour combinations will make you look slimmer

  • Learn about the shape of your body and which clothes

  • Understand scale, proportion and posture for a balanced look

  • Receive wardrobe advice for your lifestyle

  • Get the foundations right with the best underwear for your shape

  • Discover how to use make-up as your secret weapon

  • See real people demonstrate our tricks for a slimmer you

Price : £10.99

Colour Me Beautiful

In addition to helping you find the shades that will best suit your natural colouring and the styles that are the most flattering for your figure, Colour Me Beautiful now includes sections on:

  • Alternatives to black

  • Dressing for special occasions

  • Packing the perfect holiday wardrobe


Price £14.99

Image Matters for Men

Most men would like help with what to wear, to learn what colours suit them and to find out how to choose the right outfit for each occasion. 

Image Matters for Men includes tips on grooming, clothes care and accessories. It will show you how to dress to impress, and helps you learn how to look confident in an interview and relaxed and stylish for social occassions.

Price £12.99


Colour Me Younger

Packed with no nonsense advice for women who don’t want to look their age, Colour Me Younger will help you shed years from your looks. By assessing which colours work best for you, Colour Me Younger shows you how to dress from top to toe in the most flattering styles available.

Each chapter guides you through specific aspects of style including:

  • Wardrobe review (from the basics to accessories)

  • Hairstyle and colour

  • Make-up do’s and don’ts

  • Glasses shapes and colours

  • Supportive underwear... and more


Featuring real women, this practical book holds the key to staying younger looking and demonstrates that getting older doesn’t mean giving up on fashion either, it just needs a little know-how!

Price £12.99

Be a Beautiful Bride

Every bride wants to look great on her big day, but where do you start? Packed with invaluable advice on everything from dresses and veils to jewellery and shoes, Be a Beautiful Bride shows you how to truly walk up the aisle in style!

  • Find the perfect wedding dress for your colouring, figure and personality

  • Discover the make-up and hairstyles that suit you best

  • Pick stylish accessories to complement your look

  • Find out which shape of bouquet works best with your chosen style of dress

  • Learn how to choose the ideal colour and styles for everyone in your bridal party


Price £10.99

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